City/State:Sydney, New South Wales
Year established:1831
ELICOS Program:No
Other English Language Programs:Yes
Certificate of Education / IB:HSC
Total enrolment numbers
(Y7 -12):
Number of current
international students (500 visas):
AEAS testing required:Yes
Annual Tuition Fees: (Y7 – 12)Years 7-9 AUD $33,886
Years 10-12 AUD $34,586 – $36,900
Accommodation Fees:Years 7-8 AUD $24,440
Years 9-10 AUD $26,288
Years 11-12 AUD $26,860 – $25,710
CRICOS Number:02326F
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The King’s School, the oldest independent school in Australia, provides a unique learning experience centered around three core distinctions of academic excellence, character development and Christian community values. The King’s School’s approach to education is to prepare its students to leave School as leaders in the global community. Through enriched core and co-curricular learning opportunities King’s is one of the highest achieving non-selective schools in the State. Along with traditional academics, King’s offers a diverse co-curricular and compulsory sport program. Students are encouraged to participate in character building activities such as Cadet Corps, clubs and sport. To benefit its students, King’s has invested $60 million to create a residential village and contemporary boarding experience, where boarders enjoy world-class facilities and cutting-edge sporting fields. Boarders seem to be most excited about the Dining Hall, where students gather in numbers as they socially enjoy three meals a day, prepared fresh on site.

The King’s School 是澳洲歷史最悠久的私立學校,學校通過三個核心教育理念:卓越學業,人格培養及基督教社群價值觀,致力為學生提供一個獨一無二的學習體驗。本校的宗旨是培養學生成為全球社會的未來領袖,通過豐富的核心課程設計及不同課外活動的學習機會,學校成為新州其中一所最傑出的非精英學校。除了傳統的課堂學習,學校還提供不同種類的課外活動及運動項目,鼓勵學生參與團體訓練活動,例如軍事訓練,學社組織及運動項目。為了提升寄宿生的生活質數,學校投資 6000 萬澳元建造一個宿生村,以現代的設計給學生一個全新的寄宿體驗,寄宿生可以享用一流的設施及最先進的運動場地。我們的寄宿生特別喜歡在飯堂用餐的時間,可以一面品嘗新鮮烹製的美食,一面跟的其他寄宿生彼此交流,增進友誼。

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