St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School (VIC)

City/State: Melbourne, Victoria
Year established: 1926
Coeducational/Boys/Girls: Girls / Boys
Boarding/Homestay/Both: Homestay
ELICOS Program: No
Other English Language Programs: No
Certificate of Education / IB: VCE
Total enrolment numbers
(Y7 -12):
Number of current
international students (500 visas):
AEAS testing required: Yes
Annual Tuition Fees: (Y7 – 12) Years 7-9 AUD $31,840 – $32,000
Years 10 – 12 AUD $32,970
Accommodation Fees: AUD $300 – $350 per week
CRICOS Number: 00344J
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St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School opened in 1926 in Melbourne and offers a truly unique educational model with Single gender education in Years 7 – 12 catering to both boys and girls on separate campuses – St Margaret’s Senior Girls School, in Berwick and Berwick Grammar School, Senior Boys School, in Officer

Outstanding VCE (Year 12) results

Certificate of Global Responsibility – awarded alongside VCE (developed with support from University of Melbourne)

Outstanding participation and success rate in mathematics and sciences (STEM)

Opportunities to enrol in University of Melbourne courses whilst in Year 12 (subject to qualifying)

Extracurricular include all areas of Performing Arts and Sport, Equestrian, Cycling.  The Victorian School for Performing Arts (VSPA) located at School

Outstanding Outdoor Education an Year 9 learning programs

聖瑪格麗特貝里克文法學校成立於1926年,由兩所學校合併而成,是一所位於墨爾本市的日間學校。它有著特別的教育模式,7-12年級的學生會開始單性別授課,女生會在St Margaret’s School上課,而男生則在Berwick Grammar School上課。
學校實行小班教學,提供廣泛及多元化的科目給學生選擇。本校的學術成績優秀,學生在“維多利亞省公開考試”(VCE)中的表現十分傑出,取得多項維多利亞省學校殊榮。學校的STEM課程十分出色,學生在數學及科技領域都能得到傑出的成績。此外, 學校與墨爾本大學共同創立了 “Certificate of Global Responsibility” 與VCE 證書一同頒發。在校12年級的學生亦有機會修讀墨爾本大學的課程,
學校為提高學生的主動性及發展他們的興趣和才能, 提供不同類型的課外活動機會,其中表演藝術及體育方面較為突出,更為9年級學生提供戶外學習體驗。


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