City/State:Bundaberg, Queensland
Year established:1994
ELICOS Program:No
Other English Language Programs:No
Certificate of Education / IB:QCE
Total enrolment numbers
(Y7 -12):
Number of current
international students (500 visas):
AEAS testing required:Yes
Annual Tuition Fees: (Y7 – 12)AUD $17,800 – $20,400
Accommodation Fees:AUD $5,300 for 20 week study period
CRICOS Number:01317D
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St Luke’s Anglican School was founded in 1994 as a co-educational school, offering seamless education to students from Kindy to Year 12. St Luke’s Anglican School has grown with the community over the years in Bundaberg, with over 750 students enrolled. The School offers a diverse curriculum for students to keep them engaged and working towards their bright futures.

We are inspired by Christ, and committed to educating students to develop exceptional individuals. Our Mission is to be a dynamic and inclusive learning community, grounded in our Anglican tradition and embracing excellence, service, innovation and global thinking. All members of our school community aspire to uphold our values through Faith Performance Honour. These values are given life through ‘The St Luke’s Way’.

Bundaberg has a rich history in the historic sugar cane growing, now famous for sweet potatoes, macadamias and more. The Bundaberg region marks the start of the Great Barrier Reef. It is fringed by fascinating coral cays, lagoons and 140 kilometres (87 miles) of glistening white beaches.

From Bundaberg is home to Mon Repos Regional Park, the largest concentration of nesting sea turtles on the eastern Australian mainland. Bundaberg is also the base for diving and snorkelling trips to Lady Musgrave Island and Lady Elliot Island, as well as swimming and fishing from coastal national parks.

But Bundaberg isn’t just a coastal experience, you can also explore city draw-cards such as museums, heritage buildings and lush botanic gardens. Bundaberg is considered a food-bowl of Australia.

聖路加聖公會學校創校於 1994 年,是一所男女校,給學生提供幼稚園至 12 年級的無縫教育。學校多年來與班達伯格社區一起發展,現有學生 750 多名。學校為學生提供多元化的課程,學生努力學習並積極參與課外活動,為光明的前路打下穩固的基礎。

我們本著基督教精神,致力教導學生發揮個人的美善。我們的使命是建立一個充滿活力和包容的學習社區,以聖公會優良的傳統,培育學生成為卓越、服務社群並擁有創新及全球思維。學校社區的每一名成員均以信心、實踐和榮譽來持守我們的價值觀,以 “聖路加之道” 活出生命的光彩。

班達伯格的甘蔗種植歷史悠久,以番薯、堅果等農產品而聞名。班德伯格位處的地方是大堡礁的起點,它被迷人的珊瑚礁,瀉湖及連綿140 公哩( 87 英哩)雪白的沙灘所包圍。

從班達伯格起就是 Mon Repos 地區公園的所在地,該公園是澳洲東部陸上海龜築巢最多的地方。班達伯格也是前往 Musgrave 島及 Lady Elliot 島進行潛水及浮潛,以及前往沿海國家公園暢泳和釣魚的基地。


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