City/State:Melbourne, Victoria
Year established:1875
ELICOS Program:No
Other English Language Programs:Yes
Certificate of Education / IB:VCE & IB
Total enrolment numbers
(Y7 -12):
Number of current
international students (500 visas):
Tuition Fees: (Y7 – 12)AUD $37,267 – $39,924
Accommodation Fees:AUD $29,968
CRICOS Number: 00334M
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PLC Melbourne has been renowned as the leader in girls’ education for over 140 years. Boarding is an integral part of our College community and sees girls board from across Australia and from all around the world.

At PLC we instil in girls a love of learning within a broad stimulating curriculum that celebrates encouragement, respect and self-discipline. Our outstanding holistic education focuses on each girl’s personal growth and leadership.

At PLC, girls are encouraged to stretch themselves and become critical thinkers and problem-solvers, able to look outside themselves at the challenges facing their world and take responsibility for helping and contributing where they can.

PLC offers both the VCE and International Baccalaureate (IB). The Class of 2018 achieved record-breaking results with 8 girls achieving an ATAR of 99.95, 30% achieving an ATAR of 98+, 52 per cent achieving an ATAR of 95+ and 75 per cent achieving an ATAR of 90+.

Located 13km from Melbourne CBD, PLC is a school for today’s girls with a rich heritage, a welcoming community and an exciting future.

Our purpose-built Boarding House featuring spacious living and learning spaces in a modern, comfortable and safe environment.

墨爾本PLC 學校在女子教育方面佔領先地位,其聲譽已超逾140載。寄宿生活與學校群體密不可分,在本校寄宿的女生來自澳洲各省及世界各地。

在PLC,本校透過提供廣泛 、具激勵性的課程向女學生們灌輸求學的熱誠,這些課程旨在鼓勵學生,教會她們尊重及自律。本校出色的全人教育專注於每位同學的個人發展及領導潛能。


PLC 提供VCE及國際文憑 ( IB ) 課程 。2018年度畢業生取得前所未有的佳績,8名學生ATAR成績達99.95,ATAR成績取得98以上的學生人數佔30%,取得95以上的佔52%,而90以上的學生人數則達75%。



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