City/State:Sydney, New South Wales
Year established:1882
ELICOS Program:No
Other English Language Programs:Yes
Certificate of Education / IB:HSC
Total enrolment numbers
(Y7 -12):
Number of current
international students (500 visas):
AEAS testing required:Yes
Annual Tuition Fees: (Y7 – 12)Years 7 – 10 AUD $39,666
Years 11 – 12 AUD $44,094
Accommodation Fees:AUD $28,368
CRICOS Number:02268M
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Located on magnificent Sydney Harbour, Kincoppal-Rose Bay School is a leading independent school In Australia.

Kincoppal-Rose Bay boarding features a safe and secure environment; modern bedrooms and facilities; homework and study centre with teacher and tutor assistance; weekend activities; separate Year 12 boarding house. Excellent academic results and university entry are achieved by students.

This Catholic school is part of a global network of 150 Sacred Heart schools in 45 countries. Sacred Heart education focuses on the development of the whole person – both heart and mind. It is well known worldwide for an academically rigorous program of education, extensive curricular and co-curricular opportunities and a strong technology base.

The school celebrates the richness of its community that comprises many nationalities, races and religions, who together share the same ethos. Kincoppal-Rose Bay is a school with a strong spirit, committed to developing in their students a life-long love of learning.

Kincoppal-Rose Bay School 位於美麗的悉尼港,是一所教育質素領先的澳洲私立學校。

Kincoppal-Rose Bay School 的寄宿環境安全,現代化的房間配以先進的設備;學校老師及導師會在學習中心協助學生;週末有不同活動安排給寄宿生;獨立的12年級宿舍配套,讓學生在理想的學習環境下取得優異的學業成績,進而升讀大學。

這所天主教學校屬於全球 45 個國家超過 145 所聖心學校的一份子。聖心教育著重全人發展,照顧學生心靈及思想上的需要,聖心以嚴謹的教學課程、豐富的課內、課外活動及先進的教學科技而聞名於世。

本校是一個多元文化的大家庭,雖然學生來自不同國家、種族及宗教背景,卻有著相同的理想。Kincoppal-Rose Bay School 本著強大的信念,致力培養學生終身學習的精神。

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