Haileybury (VIC)

City/State:Victoria (4 campuses)
Northern Territory (1 campus)
Year established:1892
Coeducational/Boys/Girls:Coeducational (Parallel Education)
ELICOS Program:No
Other English Language Programs:Yes
Certificate of Education / IB:VCE
Total enrolment numbers
(Y7 -12):
Number of current
international students (500 visas):
AEAS testing required:Yes
Annual Tuition Fees: (Y7 – 12)Years 7 – 8 AUD $43,925
Years 9 – 12 AUD $44,340
Accommodation Fees:AUD $23,760
CRICOS Number:00649C / 02993D
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Haileybury is acclaimed for outstanding academic achievements, small class sizes, extensive co-curricular choices and state-of-the-art facilities. In 2018, it was named Australian School of the Year and Primary School of the Year – Non-government at the Australian Education Awards.

Every year Haileybury achieves outstanding national testing and VCE results, placing it among Australia’s leading academic schools. It has high expectations of students and provides them with the support they need to excel academically.

Haileybury’s enlightened Parallel Education Model recognises the diverse educational needs of girls and boys. They learn together until Year 4, then attend separate schools on the same campus from Years 5 to 12. While girls and boys benefit from co-education in their early years, single gender classes in the middle and senior years achieve better academic outcomes.

In 2018, Haileybury Rendall School opened in the Northern Territory. The new School draws upon Haileybury’s award-winning education models, such as Explicit Teaching in primary school, and is committed to bringing world-class education to Darwin.

Haileybury創校於1892 年,致力為學生提供一流的教育。學校一直奉行小班教學,其優秀的學術成績,多元化的課外活動選擇,先進齊備的教學設施都受到廣大讚賞。 在2018年,Haileybury於 “ Australian School of the Year and Primary School of the Year”中,榮獲年度私立學校的殊榮。

學校每年均能在維多利亞省公開考試中取得優異成績,VCE 成績更在許多學術成績突出的學校中名列前茅。 Haileybury對學生設有很高的期望, 同時為他們提供不同的支援及鼓勵,以期他們在學術上取得驕人的成績。


在2018 年,Haileybury Rendall School 於澳洲北領地Darwin開設分校。分校借鑒了本校口碑載道的教學模式,例如小學的“明示教學法”,旨在提供國際級的優質教育給Darwin 的學生們。

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